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We are dedicated to maintaining the health and efficiency of your septic system. Explore our services today to ensure your property’s wastewater management is in capable hands.

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What is Septic Vac

Septic vac services, also known as septic tank pumping or septic tank cleaning services, involve the removal of accumulated solid waste, sludge, and scum from septic tanks. Septic tanks are underground structures that hold and treat wastewater from homes, businesses, or other establishments that are not connected to a centralized sewer system.

During septic vac services, a specialized truck equipped with a vacuum system and pumping equipment is used to extract the contents of the septic tank. The truck typically has a large storage tank to temporarily hold the pumped waste until it can be properly disposed of at a designated facility or land spread according to “Water Security Authority” regulations.

Do I require regular septic vac services?

Regular septic vac services are essential for the maintenance and proper functioning of septic systems. Over time, solid-waste and other materials build up in the septic tank, which can lead to blockages, backups, or system failures if not addressed. By removing the accumulated waste, septic vac services help prevent issues and ensure the continued
functionality of the septic system.

How often should I inspect, maintain or repair my septic system?

Septic vac services may also include additional inspections, maintenance, or repairs, depending on the specific needs of the septic system and the service provider’s offerings. These services help promote the longevity of the septic system and protect the surrounding environment from potential contamination.